Single Sofa In Gold (FH-5587)

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Single Sofa Design That everyone Will Adore At Your House

Furniturehub has been known for making art falling designs by crafting woods and doing detailing that pleases the eye. Earlier, the furniture items were simple but now the trends have been evolved. Therefore, we have to dig up some research work in the new woodwork patterns that are reflected through the designs present in our inventory. So, if you are finding the perfect single sofa in your home, this could be your lead. The finishing that you can see on the borders will make you fall in love with its quality and manufacturing. Our artists and designers work hard in finding material that actually long lasts for quite a time. Moreover, the printed fabric that we have picked is giving an abstract vibe.

Brimming with style without neglecting the function, this printed single sofa is a great addition to your room or seating arrangement. Made of pure solid wood, this fine piece of furniture can fit up to two people. Hardwood feet give this seat a solid base, while expensive printed fabric and soft seats make it even more welcoming.  Other than that, you can add the customized options in fabric to make this single sofa more fancy and eye-catching. The shine that you are seeing is the result of the gold varnish used to make each pattern shiny and bright. Also, we are not using any ordinary molty foam for the layering and tufting of this art piece. So, when it comes to the quality, we stay up to the mark to meet up your expectations.


  • Two and a Half Seat Sofa (2.5)
  • Pure Solid Wood on front legs
  • Solid Wooden Frame
  • Hardwood Feet
  • Expensive Printed Fabric (available in leather as well)
  • Customization Available
  • Molty Foam Guarantee
  • 3 weeks delivery time

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Weight 300 kg

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