Showcase In Gold Luxury (FH-6025)

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Height: 84 in
Width: 40 in

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Showcase Designed For Your Room Style

Today’s design of showcase is not used just for stuffing clothes but it’s a place where you can keep your precious things. Basically, showcase cabinets are multipurpose products. There is the right amount of flowing space utilized inside this luxury piece that will help you place several things in an organized manner. Moreover. inside segments include the hanging rods that will help you to settle in your all clothes. Mostly, there are lots of clothes that can’t be adjusted to an ordinary closet or cabinet. Well, here is the solution that you can utilize for storing your fancy and important clothes. Other than that, due to its ample space inside, you can manage to put on handbags, shoes, and much more. Also, that’s a kind of storage cabinet that you can move easily from one place to another.

So, grab this money-saving product made from pure solid Sheesham wood. This product will stay for a lifetime in your home because what we used is insect repellant. Other than that, at furniturehub, you get the privilege to get customization options like changing the color, size, and shape of the showcase.  When it comes to the finishing of any furniture piece, we pick specifics with the proper quality measures. Most of the time, we use the material imported outside the premises of Pakistan. As you can see that we have good shiny varnish coverage to this showcase boundaries that seem as if stars are shining in the form of wood. Also, there are two clean crystal mirrors attached to the outer surface that will help you see your full reflection.


Pure Solid Sheesham/Beige Wood
Lifetime warranty of Insect Attacks
Pure High Gloss finish
Size and Color Customizable
Wood can be changed, depending on the finishing requirement

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  1. Jawad Ali

    I love It

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