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Introduce Innovation To Your Interior With Furniturehub’s Sofa


Furniturehub is one of the well-known brands for quality furniture with our services rendering all over Pakistan. We give quality assurance and understand that durability matters a lot more than just the outer captivating appearance when talking about furniture. We have a wide variety of furnishing articles. With sofa as one of our specialty.


Regarding our experience, this furnishing article holds great responsibility for defining the entire interior theme. Whether they are to be placed in the living room, drawing room, common room, or bedroom. One must be a royal piece to contribute to embellishment.


Furniturehub Benefiting Its Customers


In addition to that, when making a choice between which furniture set to choose. Price range matters a lot! We are often compelled to make heart-breaking decisions by dropping articles we love. Just because they don’t fall within our price range.


In short, we require a full package! Talking about sofa sets specifically. We need a sofa with an enchanting appearance, modern design, comfortable and durable base. Moreover, should also fall within our price range.


No chance! Where do we get this now? Is there some furniture shop that fulfills such outstretched standard? No need to worry! Furniturehub understands all your needs. And we’d love to serve you by all means.


Flaunting Our Proud Moment


We proudly flaunt our 9 years of service with an overwhelming response and up-growing network, since 2013. It has been an exclusive platform where vendors were given hands to bring them one step ahead of their casual marketing. This platform has given a great opportunity to vendors and exhibits their skills and artwork. We are one brand satisfying people’s furniture needs through digital marketing.


Starting with our sofa’s key features and quality they possess:


Durability and Reliability Of Furniturehub’s Sofa


Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We completely comprehend your concerns and focus primarily on the reliability of a product.


Base Manufacturing


We make sure it is long life spanned to ease you from stress. And for that, we use solid wood as their base.


Mostly, the base of our sofa sets are made of three kinds of woods:


  • Sheesham Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Mixed Wood


Sheesham Wood is widely known for its appearance and fine finishing. Additionally, all of us are familiar with its characteristics of toughness and hardness. It is long-life-spanned and resistant to natural decay. Furthermore, forms a strong grip on the ground with excellent strength. Hence, surely a very good pick!


Likewise, Walnut wood gives it tough competition. It is resilient and possesses anti-shrink properties. Moreover, is hard and heavy. Furthermore, it is resistant to decay.


Whereas, mixed wood proves to be a solid base for fancy furniture. While also possessing its reliability traits.




Along with the strong base, our sofa’s are specially designed to ensure customer’s comfort. Imagine returning home after a long hectic work routine. And the moment you fall on the sofa in your living room. It stresses you out even more. No! We don’t want that at all!


Home is the place where your comfort lies. We definitely want to give you even more comfort. So, for that, we use Molty foams along with wooden frames on our seating. Additionally, most of our sofa sets are upholstered. And come with tufted side-arms and back-rest. Further, include cushions in their design to elevate your comfort level.


Outer Appearance


Evaluating the outer appearance of our sofa? Trust us! We are no less!


Furniturehub includes every modern innovative design that has possibly introduced itself to this day. Additionally, we focus on bringing the most advanced design forward to you. Cabriole, Chesterfield, Mid-Century, Dewan, or Settee, we have everything you need! And not just ordinary those, but, we as well focus on the color themes, poshish material ensuring quality, carved detailings, and finally the finishing touch.


Poshish Of Sofa


Poshish overall defines the overall look of the sofa appearance. Dark colors contribute to boldness, sophistication, and class. Whereas, light colors treat depression, give soothing ness, and positively affect your mood. Moreover, fabric requirements are according to area demand. The weather of a particular area plays a very important role in the selection of a poshish fabric.


It further defines the shape of the sofa set and enhances its appearance. The fabric with gold embossed patterns is mainly the requirement of a luxury and royal interior. Contrary to that, solid colors are used for the elegant and sober interior. Therefore, the primary need is to select the accurate fabric material and color to complement the design.


In our sofa sets, we mainly use imported fabric for poshish. In general, the poshish is of the following material:


  • Velvet
  • Rexene Leather
  • Textured Printed Fabric
  • Jute Textured Fabric


Micro velvet used in the poshish gives sofas an undeniable royal look. We make sure to use deep colors complementing the interior.


Rexene Leather is the most demanded fabric for poshish of Sofa Sets. It is long-life spanned, resistant to scratches, and gives an eternal grace to the piece, bringing out a classic yet contemporary look. The office sofa is mainly leather poshished.


Moreover, Textured Printed Fabric with various floral and patterned designs is used in various pieces to cooperate the ultimate elegancy. Similarly, Jute Textured Fabric is another very popular fabric material we use.




The appearance of our furniture set is never complete without our signature fine detailing. Detailings contribute to beautifying the product. Additionally, can sometimes part take in introducing the traditional touch. Or connect it to a particular theme.


Our signature fine detailing includes:


Wood Carving


Wood Carving plays a very important role in adding grace and a contemporary look to our sofa sets. Most of our articles have engraved and embossed carvings. Those are carefully carved to add elegance. These carvings are additionally highlighted and made prominent by an exceptional golden touch.


Brass Work


Stepping into the innovation! The brass work on the sofa set is the affirmation. This work is newly introduced and gives your overall interior a neat and classy look. We have certain designs with the most elegant brass work complementing the deep greens and purples. A definite choice for a person with great aesthetics!


High Gloss Finish


Every manufactured product requires a finishing touch. And so does the furniture articles! We make sure that each one of our products has fine finishing. Most of them especially sofa sets have a high gloss finish. Whereas, some also come with a matt finish!


Can be done as per your choice. Because for us, your satisfaction matters!


Types of Sofa Set


There are various types of sofa sets we come across every day. Each is different regarding its theme and style. Furniturehub would like to showcase the diversity they contain in their Premium Sofa Collection.


Moving forward, our sofa sets and chairs are categorized in two ways:




We have extensive variety in our diverse sofa set designs. Our designs are not only innovative and classic but quality assured too. We have infused theme cultural heritage design with a modern brass work outlook. All types of Sofa Sets including chesterfield, cabriole, mid-century, L shape sofa, settee, and camelback are available on your very own


Retro Style Chesterfield


We have so many vintage lover people, who are fond of a retro theme. Chesterfield sofa is one for them. It is an overall upholstered sofa that is heavy and sturdy. We have a variety of such articles. Most of them are in leather poshish. Along with the tufted backs and side-arms overall. The side-arm design elevates your comfort level and also contributes to a retro vintage-infused theme.


These Chesterfields are ultra-comfy and can make your living room full of grace.


Contemporary Mid-Century


Furniture hub further introduces the Mid-century Sofa Set. That is the most elegant form of sofa set category we contain. The reason they are popular is not only comfort. But, they also add a touch of ultimate sophistication in your office rooms and workspaces.


We focus on making a furniture article with durable quality materials so that they can be considered as a long-term investment. And these Mid-century sofa sets are one of them. They are resistant to any kind of breakage because of their small wooden legs. Moreover, the space between the actual body and surface might be noticed. Hence, making the appearance elegant and cleaning easier. Additionally, making your life happier!


If used in homes they can be decorated with colorful aesthetic cushions. The most trending ones are with abstract arts or traditional truck art. The deep color velvet poshish along with the bright-colored cushions could make a terrific blend. Consider us and give us a chance to contribute to your overall interior contemporary look.


This brings us to the conclusion that mid-century sofa sets are multi-purpose articles. Enjoy your meetings in the office or make your relatives jealous. Choose one according to your taste!


Pakistani Cultural Themed


Furniture Hub contains culture-infused articles as well. Dewan is of utmost importance in this category. It is not just an ordinary piece of furniture lying in the middle of your lounge but it also has a long history attached to it. Ever thought about why all those emperors chose dewans for sittings? Because they aren’t only comfortable but also they give this majestic look, unlike ordinary sofa sets. And their long beautiful wood-crafted crowns are a cherry on top. introduces Dewans along with finely crafted wooden crowns. Most of them are gold polished. And thus, fulfills the royalty requirement. Placed in your drawing room, it provides quite evidence of your explicit royal taste!


If you are one of those people who like a regal touch in everything. Then you will never go wrong with a Dewan. Coming in different sizes and styles. You may choose from any of these. Whichever suits your budget, style, and space!


Seating Capacity


We have extensive functionality sofa sets. The seating capacity includes a maximum of 9 and then falls below to 7,6,5, and finally 2-seater. The 9 and 7 seating capacity sofas are mainly L shape sofas.


Whereas, the most common requirement is the 6-seater sofa. Mostly, we have this divided into 3-2-1 seating capacity. On the other hand, 2-seaters are mainly sofa chairs which are to be placed in the bedroom. However, they can be placed in the living room too.


Sofa Bed With Dual Functionality


Sofa Bed has come a long way now. It was introduced back in the 2000s but hasn’t left getting popular anyway. They are generally known as sofa cum beds. And have a dual functionality of serving both as a bed and as a sofa. has a wide variety of such sofa beds. They come in different designs and shapes. Additionally, the sofa bed also differs regarding poshish and color. Mainly, they are upholstered but that is not the necessity. Whatever is the case, uses Molty Foam in its base.


Furthermore, These sofa beds can either be folded into single or 3 seaters. Some of these even come with leather patches attached to enhance the look and design. A great option for houses with less space or single personnel apartments!


Enjoy Cricket Match Even More With L Shape Sofa


As far as seating capacity is concerned, 9-seater is an extraordinary sofa set. That is mostly L shape sofa. Generally known as a corner sofa. L shape sofa is mostly for adorning the sitting area in your home. Mostly, they are placed in the Television room. In addition to that, they are also very commonly used in common rooms.


Further, L shape sofa includes a sofa bed. That is another feature adding comfort to your living. Additionally, it adds space as well! As implied by the name, the sofa bed is attached to the sofa and serves as a bed. That is a perfect fit for your 7 years old, who would surely love to enjoy his cartoon while lying on it!


Contrary to that, when not used as a bed, the L shape sofa can increase your sitting area. encourages you to enjoy your favorite movie along with your family and friends, and lots of popcorn by bringing forward this design. Further, imagine watching PSL matches with such extended sitting capacity with the L shape sofa. Eternal bliss!


Moreover, clearly, they are a great addition to your lounge when there are tons of uninvited guests at your place.


Sofa Chair Introducing Contemporary Interior Look


The sofa chair brought forward by is an extensive functionality furniture article. That can be placed anywhere in your home. Incorporating it anywhere in your home will give that place an exquisite look. Sofa Chairs generally come in pairs, often accompanying a coffee table. Therefore to embellish your balcony with a captivating look, this will definitely serve as a great option!


Furthermore, If you are a person who enjoys his own company. You may consider placing this sofa chair in front of a window, where you can sit in peace and enjoy reading your favorite novel. A single sofa chair looks great in a corner of the room which has great light exposure. Placing it in a window with a view of a swimming pool in your backyard would serve as a superior combination.


Furniture hub’s sofa chairs are modern and elegant. Whereas, The durability and comfort assurance is already mentioned in detail above. We have chairs with a complete brass body. That elevates the contemporary look and is mostly used in the fancy interior. We also deliver our sofa chair designs to 5-star restaurants for their VIP lounges and offices for their waiting area. This very furniture article lies in the formal furniture category. You can easily take a look at our outstanding designs by visiting Furniture hub’s website.


Our Service


With such an extended range of sofa categories, we make sure of never letting our customers down. Furniturehub takes full responsibility and wants to give ease to its customer in every possible way. Our services comprise of introducing discounted price ranges. Moreover, we entertain customization in our sofa sets as per our customer choice. Furthermore, we as well facilitate customers by delivery service. And then extends our arms to quality assurance. We take proper feedback and can even change the order, even if it is made. Just to ensure customer satisfaction.


For detailed information read below.


Sale Offer On Our Sofa Sets!


Discounted price of a product always excites us. We can get more stuff at less price. Everyone wants that! And especially when it is about quality furniture. So, we bring exclusive discounted offers every now and then for our customers. Overall, our discount offers to extend around the year. With one offer taking over the other. All our services are intended to ease, satisfy and excite our friends.


Our discount offers are categorized as follows:


Event Promotions


Furniture Hub extends various discounted offers on special occasions. Such as Eid and Independence Day. You may find 10% to 30% off on our entire sofa category, during these occasions. Even on the L shape sofa. Furthermore, We also have a category of featured products on sale.


New Arrivals are always the most expensive products. That is what we’ve known till now visiting different brands. We always wait for the new arrival product to come on sale so that we can buy it.


However, Furniture Hub breaks the stereotype over here! We offer a discount on our entire new arrival stalk. So, that we can send innovation your way! Now, it is on you to avail the offer!


Routine Discounts


Other than the promotional and event discount, we have several routine discounts. That is hovering around the year. Altogether, The discount percentage extends from 10% to 50%. You can avail of each of our offers just by placing an order at the right time of year. And you won’t ever run out of discount offers. Voila!


Customization Of Sofa Chair


Another exceptional and rare service we provide is customization! Yes, we give extensive choices to our customers. Not only the color of the furniture, but even the poshish fabric material is changeable. Additionally, the customer may even get the size of the L shape sofa changed as per his choice.


Customer Representative Service


We further extend our service quality by introducing customer service representatives in our domain. If you place a custom order, our representative will contact you for further assistance. We send our representatives to visit our customers and take exact measurements of your place. Further, can also suggest, which sofa chair would suit your interior better.


For the fabric selection, we encourage our customers to visit our showroom where we have a variety of materials displayed. One may select from our extended variety.


In conclusion, We make sure to provide our customers with an article, that is exactly up to their expectations. As for us, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.




Transportation is one big issue while shifting or buying your new furniture. Bigger than buying the furniture itself in fact. No worries! From providing quality furniture just exactly meeting your expectations to delivering it on your doorstep, we got you all covered! What else would you need?


We provide the following:


Same Day Delivery


Certain articles in the sofa category, even L shape sofas are on same-day delivery. Yes! As per the name, they can be delivered on the same day of placing the order. That means if you have unexpected guests coming and are in urgent need of a sofa set. Just because your present sofa is old enough to be used. You can surely rely on on that case. And we’d love to be at your service!


Usual Required Manufacturing Time


The usual time we require for manufacturing furniture and delivering at your place is 3-4 weeks. Therefore, after placing your order, get prepared to get the set delivered in approximately a month, at your place.


Our Policy


Furniture Hub policies for finance are quite simple and straight. We take 50% of the payment advance when a customer places the order. And the left 50% is to be paid at the time of delivery. In the case of a same-day delivery article, the customer is required to pay a 100% price at the time of delivery.


Unfortunately, our prices are non-refundable. That is because, as soon as you place your order for a particular sofa set. We start working for its manufacturing, so that for your ease it may be delivered in time for your ease. Therefore, don’t place the order until or unless you are sure. We won’t be able to help you, if all of a sudden after placing an order, you change your mind.


Customer’s Satisfaction And Feedback


Wait! We have more! As we have mentioned tons of times. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. Our duty never ends up after making the delivery.


After delivery, we reach out to our customers for their feedback. And facilitate them in every possible way. Further, to ultimately leave them at a sound level of comfort and satisfaction.


Finally, here, our duty comes to rest.


What else would you expect from a furniture shop? Is there anything more? We’re sure, there’s definitely not. So, give us a consideration, when you have a need for some innovation!


Bringing Sofa Sets Home


Can’t wait to place an order? We got you! Follow these basic steps to place an order for sofa set, sofa bed, L shape sofa, or sofa chair. Whichever, you like!


Reaching Out


Get to our website that is Or if you are already here reading the content, switch to the home page by clicking on the logo of the website.


Selection Of Favourite Category


Once you are on the home page, get to the selection pane appearing hanged from the above center. Slide over “New Furniture” and from the sofa category, click on your most suitable style.
Looking for offers and promotions? That’s the third window in the same selection pane. You’ll get both event and promotional discounts under this window.


You may also directly jump to the sofa fabric design selection from another window that is labeled as “Curtains, Fabric, and Wallpapers”. Slide your cursor over it and you’ll notice a drop-down with a second option labeled as “Sofa Fabric Designs”


Choosing Your Favourite Design


Now that you are in the sofa category. Select the most captivating design. No need to worry about the poshish color, if it doesn’t match your interior. It can be changed remember? And seating capacity is not an issue as well. You order and we do accordingly.


Price Range Filter


Another option is turning on the price range filter. It appears on the left of the screen when you reach a specific category. You may set the price range by moving the bars with an upper and lower limit. After applying the filter, all the sofa sets within your price range will appear!


Product Description


While choosing a particular article, never forget to go through its description. Do not ever rely on the picture. Make sure to read out the description or at least skim through it. So that you after placing an order, know what’s coming your way.


Add To Cart


When the looks, quality, base, and everything else satisfies you overall. Place an order by clicking “Add Into Cart”. And don’t forget to keep track of the delivery time.


The last step now, which is the most crucial one is to wait. Yes, Wait! Till we manufacture your order and send the innovation your way.




About Sofa


What’s special about a sofa bed?

A sofa bed is generally known as a sofa cum bed. It is a dual-purpose furniture article and can serve both as a bed and sofa. Contrary to that, extended space attached to L shape sofa is also sometimes referred to as a sofa bed. Whereas, it serves the same purpose.

How to select a good sofa?

Selecting a sofa set, you need to check its reliability and durability, comfort, appearance, detailing, and price.

Where to buy a sofa set online?

Furniture hub is an online furniture shop that brings forward a variety of furniture articles. Further, also contains a diverse variety in the sofa set category.

Are sofa sets and sofa chairs any different?

When we come to the making, there’s no general difference except the seating capacity. The sofa chair is generally 1 seater. Whereas, sofa sets can come in various seating capacities.

Where can the sofa chair be placed?

The sofa chair can be placed quite anywhere. You may place them in the bedroom for making a sitting area. Or it can be placed in the drawing-room and living room as well.

Do sofa chairs come with storage?

Yes, they do come with storage and are available in many furniture stores.

Which sofa set is better, Sheesham or mixed wood?

Both have their traits. Sheesham serves better in mid-century and cabriole. Whereas, mixed wood works great for fancy furniture.



Which sofa set is the most trending?

The most trending is the I shape sofa or sectional sofa. Corner sofas are in trend that can be placed in the living room.

As sofa beds rare to find?

No, they have got quite common. Though they are a very newly introduced design but seems like the audience got crazy about it. And observing the demand growth, it can be easily available in any furniture shop.

What is the price range of sofa sets in Pakistan?

The price range extends from 20k to 200k generally. Regrading different designs and the quality of material used. It is not much.

Does Furniturehub have a discount on same-day-delivery products as well?

Yes! We offer a discount on same-day-delivery articles and our new arrivals as well.

How much discount does Furniturehub offer?

Furniturehub has a variety of discount offers and discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off.

Who can I contact if I have some queries or am not satisfied with the product quality?

You can contact our customer representative for complaint. Additionally, for queries, you may post a direct comment in the comment section regarding the post.