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Looking for buying top-notch furniture? Well, you landed at the right place. has a variety of styles and designs for your home. The presence of has connected skilled vendors with the digital world. We brought the furniture catalog just a click away so that you don’t have to visit every furniture outlet and come back unsatisfied. You can find classical and modern products for your house interior with Sheesham or a bed made up of walnut. We continue to add value for our customers to provide what is best. 

Furniture Hub’s Vision

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

We saw the talent and hidden craftsmanship of our local vendors and came up with an idea. Our vision? Gather these precious gems and let them showcase their artistry in furniture online. Their skills, our platform! However, a vision becomes reality with a goal.

With years of determination and courage, we present to you the version of our dream. An online interior store with diverse styles and high-quality products. Moreover, from budget-friendly products to featured luxury items, our store has it all!

Our Story

Zaid Iqbal and Zeeshan, are the names of the founders of this store. They combined their goals and worked together without giving up. In September 2013, two believers stood together and started their online furniture shopping store. Eventually, they built a team of all carpentry artisans and helped them flourish their creativity and polish their work. This is built on the notion of providing opportunities to the local vendors who are disconnected from the digital world. We realized the expansive potential of these artists who can reach thousands of customers looking for the best option available.


After years of blood, sweat, and tears we filled the gap between the vendors and the digital modern world. Basically, we wondered how to reflect the heritage of Pakistani culture in our choice of furniture. We opened up an online store, contrary to creating a formal workshop. Why? Well, it is simple. Our aim revolved around the fact that vendors should prosper in their workshops. Thus, we connected them and built our online store with their help and skills.


A chapter of our story is our talented team. For this reason, our staff members thrive together. Significantly, their knowledge and expertise continue to expand our furniture store. Our exquisite furniture with bedroom sets, table, and sofas is all managed and beautified by our creative members.


With digitalization and the e-commerce boom in Pakistan, our online market is developing with every new online customer and order. Utilizing this chance, we are determined to contribute to the online market by creating value in a customer’s life.

Categories Of Furniture At Furniturehub.Pk is a vast online store with all kinds of furniture items like beds, sofas, tables, curtains, etc. You name it, we have it! Our catalog has all kinds of different styles and sets. You can check out all the items and set up an enchanting interior of your home! Who does not dream of an enthralling house interior? We have the perfect items just for you. Buy and turn your dull or bland interior into something magical.

Customization In Bed Display

A good night’s sleep is like an energy booster for the next day ahead. If you spend the night in discomfort, the next long day feels unbearable. Great sleep is linked with the type of bed and mattress you sleep on. Buying a suitable bed set is important. If you visit the furniture stores today, you need to be aware of certain market factors in choosing the best bed. You should understand the different kinds of beds with the type of wood used. What are the features of Sheesham? What about walnut? Thus, having basic knowledge is important.

Wanna Buy The Perfect Bed? We step in! understands that it is confusing to find the perfect bed set that provides comfort and is also appealing to the eye. Here we step in! Our Sets are crafted with excellence in finding the best wood and delivering comfort. We maintain a great variety of bed sets with various designs so that you can find the perfect match.

Flawless Bed Design

Our priority with the best quality is aesthetics as well. The patterns and designs are beautified for elegant bed sets. In addition to this, the vast range of colors lets the customers decide the ones their taste inclines towards.

Bed Designs for Kids has a variety of bed sets and Kids bed is also one of our featured products. The interior of your child’s room matters, and at you will get exactly what your kids wish to have. Bunk ones are the best in kid’s interiors. It not only creates space in the room, but it also makes it amusing! So, check out our bunk bed collection and find it yourself.

Sofa In Styles That Meet Your Home Interior Dreams

Sofas are such an integral part of your house interior. Today, Sofas are not only in your lounges but they have started gaining importance in the interior of a bedroom. Thus, seeing the versatility of sofas we built our beautiful sofa sets. It varies from size to weight. Different designs and styles are extracted from classical and contemporary trends. In Pakistan, you can find exquisite sofas but mostly are expensive. Then if you opt for budget-friendly, you are forced to compromise on the quality of the cloth material and wood. Thus, displays customizable sofas with the best designs and top-notch quality cloth and wood. In addition to this, compared to the market we provide budget-friendly prices for our valuable customers.

Offering Eye – Catching Cloth Collection For Sofa

Indeed the feel of the cloth and its fabric can influence your comfort on the sofa. One may buy a beautifully carved sofa but if the cloth is rough it might destroy the pleasant feeling of rest. Thus, ensures the quality of the cloth.

The fabrics are of high quality and material. There is a spectrum of colors we deal with. The customization option is for you so that if you like a design you can get it in any color you want.

We have beautiful Rexene, textured fabric, smooth Silk Satin, and softest Velvet.

Deewan Style Sofa

Deewan style evolved from the early Mughal era to today’s modern deewan sofa. It is celebrated as one of the vintage designs in sofas in the Eastern regions. Previously, deewan was bought as a luxurious item. Today, we provide the same elegant deewan style sofas at a realistic budget. We keep updating our inventory with a mixture of old classical designs and new trends. – The Designs Of Table You Need For Your Home

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word table? Do you imagine a simple wooden design or something grand and luxurious? is here to let you know that we have its each type for various uses! With different materials and diversity in its style.


We can proudly showcase the distinctive types of tables that range from classics and vintage to modern and sophisticated. The variety of this category at our store includes:

  • Centre table
  • Dining table In Pakistan
  • Nest table
  • Tea Trolley table
  • Corner table
  • Chester

Impressive Material We Use has unfailingly set the highest benchmark in the high-quality material we use. The table materials we proudly use are:

  • Brass
  • Marble
  • Solid Wood
  • Sheesham

Beautiful Home & Décor Interior

Interior design is empty without charming décor items and embellishments. Our store is the right place if you plan on upgrading your home interior. From voguish curtains to fashionable wallpapers. Get the pretty macramé to add design in your room or lounge. You name it – we’ve got you covered.

The Handcrafted Décor and wall hangings will surely add the final touch to your dream house interior. Royal lamps and luxurious chandeliers are there just for you to add royal elegance to your home. You can even buy furniture racks, different sizes of stools, and chic mirrors.

Minimalist Office Workspace Interior

Are you working from home and are struggling to find a corner just for your work? With the changes in work culture, having a personal workspace has become important. Our catalog includes durable working chairs and minimalist tables. This can help you create a minimalist personal workspace.

Not only that, if you are opening your own office and require chairs and functional furniture for your employees, you can definitely rely on us. Offering great deals for you, just select the ones you like and let us know. Let us manage the rest.

Our office chairs are mobile and comfortable so that you are not left with any kind of back pain or soreness. The tables are polished and best for meetings and professional presentations. You can make your work much more exciting and comfortable with us!

Durable Chairs

Chairs can be overlooked pieces of furniture. You might be guilty of buying the best designs for sofa and bed sets but when it comes to chairs we do not focus much on them. The chairs you might end up with might fail in being durable or eye-catching. Thus, we thoroughly understood the structure, functionality, and design of chairs. Although the customizable option is always available, we selected the best designs and materials to craft perfection! We have various types of chairs, these include:

  • Bedroom chairs
  • Casual chairs
  • Computer chairs
  • Dining room chairs
  • Drawing room chairs
  • Visitor chairs

Fun Outdoor Furniture

Outdoors are the best way to rest and find some time out to enjoy. In Pakistan; especially, we have evening tea time where everyone sits outside to have leisure time. To continue these warm traditions one might find themselves finding comfortable outdoor furniture. So, we crafted outdoor chairs, tables, and décor items for you to decorate your garden or porch.

Buy best items and set up your outdoor sitting with us!

Amusing Children’s Furniture

The furniture of the kid’s room should be colorful, funky, and creative. Yet, at the same time, it should be unbreakable and everlasting. If you overlook durability over the design, you might have to buy again. Mainly, because kids jump and play around with the interior of their room including the furniture. Here we step in with our resilient material and artful designs.

  • Kids Room Sofa
  • Bunk Bed
  • Bean Bags
  • Kids Beds
  • Car Beds

Kitchen Furniture & Sets

The kitchen is the warmest place in your home where every celebration or feast starts from. The dream of every mother is to have a beautiful kitchen where she can cook favorite meals for her kids. The kitchens were never supposed to be dreary or boring. You can try out interesting creative ideas and experiment with your kitchen’s interior. From chromatic wallpapers to aesthetic cookware. You can lighten up your kitchen with originality and innovation.

You can…

Get your hands on trendy and classy light fixtures and illuminate them! Call us and tell us the kind of shelves you need, the color and the measurements. With our polished skills and your specific requirements, we will create the perfect furniture for your kitchen.

Buy cabinets carved out of wood for the retro feels or glass ones for the flashy vibe. You can now just find the best cabinets and storage drawers for yourself.

Dreamy Bathroom Interior

Bathrooms are technically the place you head towards just after getting out of bed. Seeing how often we use bathrooms, we at times ignore the interior. It is said, that if you need to look at someone’s organizational skills, look at how they set up their kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, we introduce our customers with the modern and trendy bathroom accessories and décor. is an online store that constantly improves itself in adding value to furniture items and products. You can use our guide and help in remodeling your bathroom interior. Fill up the space, declutter some mess, and get modern accessories for creating your dream bathroom!

Classic Medieval Interior To Sleek Trendy Look

Mixture of Cultures & Time

As enriched as our culture, our art and crafts complement and add to this originality. We were careful about furniture designs as an interior of a house represents your aspirations and culture. Thinking about which culture to find the inspiration from, we stumbled upon a new idea. Finally, we realized how we can originate a new culture; a mixture of both old and new. So, we joined hands and stacked up distinctive ideas. Thus, came into being as a bridge between our classic heritage and modern trends.

Discounts Just For Your Interior

Planning to buy a sofa? bed? Or table to change your home interior? Furniture change can demand some budget management. Well, we cater to your needs! We believe in creating a community of customers and providing them with what they want. In short, Discounts are on your way! Exciting deals and sales on this online store are going to blow your mind away. We understand, buying from workshops or outlets might cost you a bit too much. Therefore, why waste time on all those hours of negotiation without any results when we are ready to offer discounts.

Think Once, Order twice

Passionate about shopping yet a bit fearful of the price? We have a range of featured products that will fit within your expenses right away. Furthermore, our discounts are not only limited to specific days. Our special discounts comprise enchanting Eid sales, Office and Outdoor Deals, and 14th August Sale for someone close to your heart. Each year, we provide the best opportunities to our buyers. Opportunities that result in amazing discount offers. After all, festivals are the source of happiness. Pick any special product whether it’s a couch or a bed set and check out our striking sale tags. So, contact us and place an order right away!

Customized Furniture Option

Every room requires furniture accordingly. The same fixed size creates a problem as the dimensions of a room may vary. To attend to this problem we introduced our customization option. Although we do have our standard sizes and dimensions, we are open to meeting your measurements. First, plan out the size you want and decide the measurements. Then, contact us and place an order with your measurements.

Leave it to us and we will get you the top-notch product with perfect alignment with the measurements.

Same Day Furniture Delivery Offer

You place an order and then you wait. You ask for a tracking number, you track patiently every day. Then, if delayed, you have to call the customer services team. This can be a bit daunting. To protect the excitement of our customers we decided to practice “Same Day Delivery Offer”.

In short, you can get your product on the very same day you place an order on Do not miss out on this and avail this Offer!

Home Interior Designing Services

So you got the furniture, it is here, staring at you. What now? How do you design the interior of your room? Where should the sofa go? the table? and what about the direction of the bed? You keep changing the position yet it does not feel quite right.
Contact our team and we will come and help you design. We will gladly guide you with the best color schemes and décor ideas on call. is not just an online selling store, it is a manual of how to design the best interior.

Furniture: Diverse Wood Types

Every wood type is different, with specific qualities like color, durability, and pattern. Every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature. We bring out the options of furniture that suit your liking. You can surf through the catalog of products with different wood styles and types. Despite this, if you find the desired product unavailable you can rely on our skilled vendors. You can place an order with the type of wood you want.

The wood types are walnut, kicker, and solid wood MDF. In addition to this, we have our luxury items carved out of Sheesham wood.

Online Furniture Shopping & Delivery

1- Choose the item you would like to buy.

2- Add to Cart.

3- Check out

4 – Contact us for any queries or customization.

5 – You can also place your order via WhatsApp


Where to buy online furniture in Pakistan?

It is important to know which online store is credible for buying high-quality furniture. Thus, place an order with In case you need reassurance, you can visit the outlet anytime.

How can I contact has its customer services team. Hence, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Where can I get an interior design guide? is not only an online store, it is a team that will be there to guide you with the interior design. Thus, in case of any professional opinion, you can contact the team with ease.

How can I upgrade my bedroom interior?

You can declutter the old furniture. Replace it with new modern interior items and décor. Bedroom interior design should reflect your personality. Therefore, be bold and design it confidently.

Are Marble Tables available at

You can find marble coffee tables and nest tables at The marble is available in different styles and sizes so that you can select the one that appeals to your interests.

How can I place an order for a dining table?

Firstly, you should select the dining table after thoroughly reading the measurements and features. In case you want different measurements, you can contact the customer services team and inform them. Then add the table to the cart and proceed to shopping. You can contact me for customization or any queries via WhatsApp.

What type of Sofa is best for a vintage interior?

Deewan sofas are the best if you want a vintage interior. So, for a retro vintage theme try out the deewan!

What types of Beds are trending?

Modern beds like Afridi beds and Curly carving Beds are trending in Pakistan nowadays.

Trending table material in 2022?

The trending material for tables in 2022 is no doubt marble. Marble is an elegant and beautiful material that reflects modern sophistication.

What type of Sofa is trending in 2022?

Particularly Mid-century sofa is top trending nowadays. It is an upholstered sofa with a wooden frame. It is sleek and based on contemporary style.

Bed Sets

Are Kid Bed Bunkers available at

Yes, at you can find different fun bunk beds for your kids. Thus, check out the catalog and place an order.

How to opt for customization for Bed Sets?

Every room space differs and having standard sizes might cause a problem. Therefore, we decided to introduce a customization option for you to buy the furniture item according to the measurements you prefer.

What are the wood types used in Bed Sets of uses solid MDF, kicker, and walnut. In addition to this, we use original Sheesham wood for featured products.