Floral Curtains Design (FHSC-342)

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Floral Curtains Design; An Option To Increase Luxury Of Your Window

Are you willing to deck up your window with the traditional curtain designs? Furniturehub’s exclusive floral curtains design is the hot selling item that you can pick to glamorize the look of your window. Though you are looking for the design we also prefer making custom-made designs. We always keep sticking to maintaining luxury for your home interior. So, that you can put an impression on the visitors and our things personally attracted to the eye of the beauty holder.

At Furniturehub, you will be finding adorable traditional to modern style curtains. The floral curtains design that you are witnessing is the subtle beauty, showing ethnic work in the form of motifs.  Moreover, the side panels hanging and draping the fall with the motif design on black color is looking extraordinary. To your concern, we have used imported fabric in its making and found the best embellishments that will hold a charm for years. Also, the blending of three-tone colors including black, tea pink, and cream color are enhances the full appearance of this design.

First and foremost, this design is not for the commonly used place. Therefore, you must add this royal look product to a place that is very luxurious and a center of attention. This design will sparkle anywhere in your home but need proper care. Thus, you must keep this design to a place that is rarely used. For instance, a drawing room is a place which you only open your guests arrive. Floral curtains design will be the non-regrettable choice for your home because it’s of good quality along with the imported fabric.


  • Window Size 7’ x 7’
  • Imported Fabric
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • On-demand Motive Designs
  • Wooden Panel for Hanging
  • Customizable Curtain Design
  • Heavy thickness of the fabric
  • Customizable Curtain Hanging Panel

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