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Readymade Curtain Online (FHSC-221)

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Readymade Curtain Online Design To Suit Your Windows Needs

Are you looking for nature’s favorite color curtain for your home windows? This tempting turquoise readymade curtain online design is ready to deck your windows. Some of us like the shadowy curtains and some find them as just the luxury item used only for decorating windows. Yet we all have different definitions for the curtains and that’s how we like to keep it personalized in every room. Therefore, we made this beautiful turquoise beauty hanging with the motif pannel. To your knowledge, customization is available in pattern making so you can order the design you like.

Other than that, you also have an open choice of selecting the fabric of the curtain and the color too. This might please you as we have done the embossing of the pattern with the silver led. Moreover, we have given the wooden panel for hanging this beautiful curtain on your window. Also, we make sure that the quality that we are providing is up to the mark so we give a proper guarantee. The readymade curtain online style that we made is becoming an essential need around this time.

Firstly, it has all the features both luxury and quality. Secondly, you can customize the size, shape, and color as per your need. Though you need to remember that the hanging wooden panel is not included in the package. However, we are offering it only for Rs 20,000. The knotting style on the top is showing sophistication and the strips given for wrapping up the curtains can hold the weight of the fabric. Don’t think and buy this adorable smart readymade curtain online for your home that can resist dust and will enhance the appearance of your windows.


  • Window Size 7’ x 7’
  • Imported Fabric
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • On-demand Motive Designs
  • Wooden Panel for Hanging
  • Customizable Curtain Design
  • Heavy thickness of the fabric
  • Customizable Curtain Hanging Panel

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1 review for Readymade Curtain Online (FHSC-221)

  1. Jawad Ali

    love it

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