Stylish Blackout Curtains (FHSC-239)

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Stylish Blackout Curtains-Giving Your Windows A Personalized Look

When you think of fixtures in your home, windows should be the first priority to change. Curtains or blinds are now considered the most important accessory of your home. However, many a few people have the idea about its importance. Well, if you are considering curtains as the least product, change your thinking today. Furniturehub guides you and designs the best products for you. Our designers keep the focus on crafting stylish blackout curtains so that you can relax and could enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Especially, we have designed this curtain to guarantee you the relaxing hours and to please your eyes. Mostly, people perform jobs on the computer and can’t get enough sleep because of the wrong installation of curtains. It’s the reality that most of us are not aware of while purchasing the style of the curtain. This is to say that good quality curtains not just impact the decor but your health too. That’s why we have designed this product to make sure that you get the best results.

Yet the backdrop at the back has the motif that you can lift down anytime while sleeping. Other than that, you can also enjoy nature’s charm or the weather’s beauty by lifting the falling curtains aside. Moreover, we have also done the perfect tailoring process by giving belts on the sides of the stylish blackout curtains. Furthermore, we can also customize the colors and the sizing of the curtain as per your need.  The tassels and laces can be added on the special demand. Other than that, we can also change the fabric style and type by assessing your home theme.


  • Window Size 7’ x 7’
  • Imported Fabric
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • On-demand Motive Designs
  • Wooden Panel for Hanging
  • Customizable Curtain Design
  • Heavy Grammage
  • Customizable Curtain Hanging Panel

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1 review for Stylish Blackout Curtains (FHSC-239)

  1. Jawad Ali

    beautiful design

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