Black Wallpaper (FHW-2038)

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We Generate Your Wall Decor Dreams; Black Wallpaper

Modifying the look of the house is very essential when especially you get tired of looking at your old painted walls. So, get rid of the old walls with a dull color scheme and make them a little more beautiful with this exclusive black wallpaper design. As mentioned earlier, wallpapers instantly make your mood pleasant because they have beautiful imagery. The design that we have picked is specially imported from Korea. Moreover, you will instantly fall for its abstract merging geometrical rays that are shining with black and white hues. It’s a tile-like print that can fit best to the wide places having huge walls. Either cover the whole area or just limit it to one wall, it will flaunt both ways.

Other than that, the black wallpaper that we make has the best sticking capacity and won’t lose its state for years. Also, we take inspiration from modern art so it can depict right through your home walls. It has an almost width of 42 inches and is 50 square feet long, can easily cover your walls. Today, we are living in modern society, and transforming homes according to that trend is not a formality but it’s a necessity.

Therefore, we bring out a variety of wallpapers in our inventory that you can order online easily. you can use the glue to stick this wonderful black wallpaper in your drawing room to improve your home impressions. So, replace all your paint buckets with this exclusive design wallpaper they are easy to install and wouldn’t require time to dry up. Also, the biggest perk of buying this wallpaper is that you are getting the same design as shown in the image. Rather that’s not the case with the paint colors for your walls.



  • Korean wallpapers
  • Covered area 50 square feet
  • Beautiful Design
  • Width 42 inch

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