Velvet Sofa Fabric (FHSC-187)

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Velvet Sofa Fabric To Cover Your Couch In Royalty And Elegance

Finding quality fabric is a big trick; however, Furniturehub is providing the whole inventory full of feasible options with different categories. Most of the time, we think of renovating our sofa by changing its fabric or maybe modifying the whole design. In this regard, you need versatile options to select for your personal couch. Therefore, this velvet sofa fabric made with serene essence will meet your couch need. The softness of the fabric is proof that we have done an amazing job while preparing this fabric.

Basically, this is the kind of corduroy fabric that you can pick because of the stiffness on its back. Furthermore, the attractive feature is that it is of brown color and can be merged with any contrasting color. Also, we have mentioned per yard price so you can manage to order the cloth as per your need depending on the size and shape of the sofa. The weightage of this fabric is heavy so it will stay in its actual position even after several people might sit on your couch.

Furthermore, the colors can be customized on your choice or you can contrast to utilize two-tone fabric for the personalization of the sofa. Moreover, you can also use velvet sofa fabric for curtain making if you don’t need much draping on your curtains. The ease of cleaning this fabric is up to the mark as you can vacuum your dusty couch anytime you want. This fabric will remain in its real condition for long years and will not get rough until or unless someone spills on it. Additionally, you can also take the advantage of its color which will cover the dust.


  • Light Brown Color
  • per yard price
  • Digital design
  • Fabric width: 54 inch / 1.5 yard
  • Imported fabric
  • Heavy fabric
  • Can be Used for sofa and curtains
  • Code   =    4001-9

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