Vintage Sofa Design (FH-1915)

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Vintage Sofa Design To Sensationalize Your Home

Making the space for modern furniture in your home is not enough. Using old vintage-style furniture also hit it with modern furniture. So, how about mixing both styles of furniture in your home. This vintage sofa design has the brass frame below that is totally adding the vintage vibe.  Above all reflecting perfection is an art that we show through displaying versatile options of furniture. Thus this piece will match the personality of your home and will add elegance to the whole environment.

When it comes to the making of the vintage sofa design, we rotate our eyes for research and skimming ideas. This is the bench-style that you can pick and put it to fill any corner of a room. Moreover, the stuffing done inside will help you experience all the comfort. Above, we have used the beige color fabric in velvet that can be customized further with any other color of your choice.

Sometimes you wanted to make a mood for the reading and find a spot where no one disturbs you. Though it’s not like a chair you can place this vintage sofa couch design somewhere near the window. Imagine the scene of straightening your body and picking a book of your favorite writer. The comfort is guaranteed because we never compromise on the quality and give the privilege to our workers to make designs that fulfill the client’s needs.

Moreover, it’s crafted to make people impress with its delicacy and simplicity at the same time. The brass structure is reliable and can tolerate severe weather changes inside the home. The vintage sofa design for sure will churn out happiness out.


  • Frame Made in Brass
  • Molty Foam Used in Set
  • Imported Fabric
  • Glass On Bottom
  • Customization Available
  • 3-4 Weeks For an Order

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