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Settee Sofa Set – The One You Must Get!

We always wonder which sofa set to consider that best fits our comfort. Regarding this case, Settee is a very popular design in Pakistan. Therefore, This Settee Sofa Set which is a blend of Settee and Sofa is brought forward to you by to elevate your comfort.

Similar to most of our furniture articles, This set has its base made of Pure Solid Sheesham Wood. That ensures a long lifespan and reliability. Additionally, it also gives the product an enchanting appearance. Sheesham wood has always been famous for its stability. Thus, the sofa set made of this wood is surely an undeniable piece.

Settee Sofa Set has a sitting capacity of 7 overall; divided into 3 seaters, 2 seaters, and 2 single-seater. It has partial poshish, revealing the wooden frame up to some extent. Poshish is grey in color and is of shining local High-Density Fabric. Furthermore, the cushions are covered with Velvet fabric of fresh plum color. A wonderful color contrast, complementing the overall Settee Sofa Set look.

Altogether, This Set has curvy designs with curvy edges and an oblique shape armrest; a very rare to be found. In addition to that, it also contains carved embossed patterns on its wooden frame, made prominent by dull gold polish.

In conclusion, This design is comfortable to sit on as a sofa. And cozy to lie on as a Settee. Moreover, is enchanting in appearance. Considering every way, it is a must-purchase article for your drawing room.

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  • Sofa set includes 2 seater, 2 seater, and 2 single-seaters
  • Pure Solid Sheesham wood
  • Shining Local High-Density fabric
  • Velvet used on cushions


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