Sofa-Set for Drawing Room (FH-3010)


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Sofa-Set for Drawing Room Is An Absolute Necessity!

Are you in hurry? And in need of a sofa set right away?  Emerald Green is a rare color. But, it would work pretty well? Then, You definitely landed on the right page then. Sofa-Set for Drawing Room presented by is what you are taking away with you today.

This Sofa Set will work great for your Blanca-themed drawing-room. As, it has a seating capacity of 6 people divided into 3, 2, and 1 seating spaces. Additionally, it is upholstered bringing forward comfort. Furthermore, it has a full poshish of PU leather. Which is famous for being resistant to scratches and abrasion. Moreover, has the capacity to resist hydrolysis for 7 years at least.

Therefore, this Sofa Set is pretty much part of your long time plan. It is durable and has a long lifespan.

Despite the fact of being upholstered, the sofa contains springs that ensure bounciness and plays an important role regarding lifespan. In addition to that, this set comes with tufting sidearms that can be seen from the outer surface presenting an elegant luxury look. There’s a slight touch of gold on the sofa and especially cushions to be seen. Thereby, increasing the luxury.

A person with a deep aesthetic sense will definitely fall in love with this sofa set at a very glance. Wait, Are you that person? Great!

Let’s give you some good news then! We have limited time 15% off currently going on this article. As well, is offering same-day delivery on this Emerald Green PU Leather Sofa-Set for Drawing Room. Place your order right now! Avail of the offer before it gets expired.


  • Sofa set includes: 3 seaters, 2 seaters, and Single seater
  • PU leather used on Sofa
  • Spring used on Sofa
  • Tufting on side arms
  • Same Day Delivery


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