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Portable Picnic Table (FH-5775)

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Make Space For Your Snacks On Our Portable Picnic Table

Folding tables are the ultimate solution when you think of planning a picnic because you don’t get much space of keeping your snacks. Other than that, the most important thing is to buy a type that is lightweight. And has much more space to offer. Thus, this portable picnic table will help you organize your picnic eateries in a special manner. Firstly, we must discover its features including square top and make with beach wood.

The quality of this table is exceptional as you can even place liquids on its top and it will not tilt anyway. From the top, we can see the broad body and from below there is a sleek structure of thin legs.

Also, you can use this design of tables to fill out extra corners in your room space. To enhance the artistic side, you can put a vase and a striking table mat on its top to restrict the spots. Moreover, during the manufacturing process, we have done fine carvings of this design. Also, we have used high-quality varnish to make its body shine. The benefit of keeping this design during picnic time is that you can stop anytime to enjoy food moments with your family.

The portable picnic table is made using bolts and has a flexible structure that can be folded anytime you want. Other than that, you can easily clean it with the wood varnish and can place it even at outdoor places. Furthermore, the design is so attractive that it will remind you of sitting on a beach. So, make a full mood of enjoyment while carrying this ultimate solution that will help you place things of your choice.


  • Made of beach wood
  • Easily Portable
  • Attractive Design
  • Square Top
  • 2 weeks time for an order

Additional Info
Weight 45 kg

1 review for Portable Picnic Table (FH-5775)

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