Modern Nest Of Tables (FH-6003)

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Modern Nest Of Tables In Sheesham Wood That Won’t Take Your Eyes Off

Commonly, we share laughter at dinners and unlock a special inventory of the equipment for the guests that are close to our hearts. To put your guest in awe, we have made this modern nest of tables set of three in the black varnish that will complement the whole theme. Besides, it can be used not just for this purpose but you can even decorate it for the lonely corners at your home. This vintage style is keeping a tone-up competition with the latest modern trends of furniture. Moreover, we have crafted thin details and wood carvings using mixed wood. That will add more impression to your home environment.

Bring in the difference in your home by choosing an ordinary place but turning it into an eye-catching spot. This can only happen with this choice of tables. Other than that, the three different sizes of this set can give you a better idea of covering even small places. The quality of the wood of this nest table is never compromised at our hub. Also, we accept customized orders and can change the varnish color if needed.

Additionally, the silky smooth texture on the surface of the modern nest of tables completely will make you feel like soft fabric. This is the perfect example of real artistry that could resonate with any home interior. Especially, if you keep the old-school vibe and a bit of modern contemporary styles, then this table set is made to make you happy. Thus the price is reasonable but you are lucky to avail this golden opportunity. A good fortune would come from buying this exclusive article on sale. Also, make sure that you can place your order prior two to three weeks before the deadline.


Made of Mix wood

Solid Sheesham Feet

3-4 Working Weeks For an Order

Additional Info

Weight 25 kg

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