Wardrobe With Drawers (FH-1362)

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Wardrobe With Drawers; A Personal Place To Store All Clothes

Choosing the best for your personal bedroom is the first priority. We understand it really well because you always  intend to bring style and unique things in your room. More than that, assebling things is an essential task and for that reason you must buy a wardrobe that covers all your clothes. However, if you don’t have a huge wardrobe that can fix all things inside, consider buying this wardrobe with drawers. We have made this delightful design so that it may make place for all the necessary and unnecessary things that might be wandering around your room.

This wardrobe has almost four doors including hanging and segmented portions, feasible for placing all sorts of clothes. Let your store room rest and place everything in this wardrobe. It has the gigantic space where you can put all the blankets or the unwanted seasonal clothes. Other than that, there is a full space for adjusting the clothes that you wear on special occassions. So, there will be no better option then this heavenly broad wardrobe with drawers. The most important factor is that it includes two drawers at the bottom where you can keep importnant documents. Also, you can organize your shoes in those drawers.

The drawers can serve for storing multipurpose things and you can make your room a clean place by wrapping all the stuff to this wardrobe. Furthermore, the colors can be customized and the size can be increased or decreased as per your need. The pricing may vary as per the expand or decreasing the sizing of the wardrobe for drawers. As far as the material is concerned, we have used imported uv sheet and gave high gloss finishig on the outer side of the wardrobe.


  • Size    8/8
  • Material:  imported UV sheet
  • Warranty 2 years
  • 2 Big Drawers on the bottom and 4 Cupboards
  • Customization Available
  • 3-4 weeks for an order

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Weight 550 kg

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