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Fancy Curtains For Drawing Room (FHSC-145)

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Fancy Curtains For Drawing Room To Sensationalize The Whole Look

Curtains are a multipurpose essential product that helps in preventing dust and make the atmosphere cool. Moreover, it also impacts the home interior look and will intensify the decoration of the windows. Well, we always keep a secret of luxury for each of our products to make sure that you get the unique item from our store. This time, we brought you fancy curtains for drawing room, made using creative aesthetics.

The design that you are looking at has its own perspective, highlighting the specialty of Pakistani embroidered work on the panel. Firstly, you should grasp all the beauty of the side panels made with the hard stiff fabric. On the panels, you can find the luxury motif made from the white embroidered thread.

Also, in the center, we have enhanced the white fabric and used the twister technique of the fabric to give it finishing on the above level. Somehow, we always maintain our standards by using ample material that stays in the same condition for years.

Additionally, we are also giving a wooden pannel that will be charged separately but you can customize it as per the theme of the curtain. If you are looking for fancy curtains for the drawing room then this can be a great opportunity. So, grab this piece at a reasonable price. However, with the vast variety of materials and colors, we offer freedom to our buyers to choose things as their need.

Moreover, you can bind the curtains with the strips when making a mood to enjoy the outside view of your home. For sure, this is a type of design that one must consider. When thinking of changing drawing room curtains for your home, pick the quality material as we offer.


  • Window Size 7’ x 7’
  • Imported Fabric
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • On-demand Motive Designs
  • Wooden Panel for Hanging
  • Customizable Curtain Design
  • Heavy thickness of the fabric
  • Customizable Curtain Hanging Panel

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1 review for Fancy Curtains For Drawing Room (FHSC-145)

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