Pebbles Wallpaper 3D (FHW-2056)

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The Wallpaper Will Naturally Talk To You; Pebbles Wallpaper 3D

It’s unpleasant to see the rough stain looked walls of your home. Sometimes it gets hard to even maintain the paint on walls especially if you have kids in your home. In this regard, placing wallpapers is the safest option because it will cover the walls and you won’t need to change the wall colors many times. Thus, we bring you this natural look pebbles wallpaper design that will sync with the color of your tiles or walls. Mostly this type of wallpaper is used for outdoor spaces like gardens or garages. Other than that, people also use this design in the bathrooms, matching with the bathtub theme to improve the aesthetics.

As mentioned earlier, for the modern trends and better living style, wallpapers have now become the essential need. People don’t consider it as a decoration item because it sticks perfectly to the walls and doesn’t lose its state for a long time. Moreover, it has a beautiful design close to nature that you can feel while gazing at your walls. This design of the pebbles wallpaper is imported from Korea especially to make sure that you receive quality at your doorstep. Other than that, it is quite wide with 42 inches and 50 square feet in length. with such width and height, you can easily cover up your walls. However, if the walls of your house are huge then you can order more than one roll of this design because we have stored a lot in our inventory.

This pebbles wallpaper is elegant and stylish from every side having tree leaves scenery scattered everywhere. So, when you’re thinking of installing wallpapers, think about us because we have great experience in designing and picking designs.


  • Korean wallpapers
  • Covered area 50 square feet
  • Beautiful Design
  • Width 42 inch

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