Black Couch In Brass (FH-1897)

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Sit In Style And Comfort With Black Couch In Brass

A room without an essential couch may look empty and will steal your personal style. So, it’s important to decorate the room space with effective options. Probably, most of us don’t agree that if someone visits your room, they might use your bed as the couch. In this regard, you must place something that feels welcoming and comfortable for seating. Therefore, we have made this elegant and attractive-looking black couch in brass that will add glamor to your room space.

Single couch design fixes any space very well and also covers more accommodation by using less capacity of the spot. Now imagine placing two chairs in the bedroom instead of this dramatic yet pleasant couch. As a matter of fact, the chairs will take more space and will offer only two seatings. However, this design of the couch will suit your personal statement and will be proof of the whole solace. Other than that, the black color in furniture looks sophisticated and can merge with any room theme.

The making of this black couch includes different stages. So, let’s start with the brass material that we have picked by considering all quality measures. Secondly, the layers below the seating include raw foams and then good-quality cotton. After that, we place the layer of the branded molty foam and cover the above base with a velvet cover. Moreover, the velvet cover can be customized into many colors as you want. So, this is the freedom that you can enjoy by changing the shape of the couch or the color fabric. Other than that, we never compromise on the quality of the product and wanted to make sure that the furniture you must use has long durability.


  • Frame Made in Brass
  • Molty Foam Used in Set
  • Imported Black Fabric
  • Customization Available
  • 3-4 Weeks For an Order

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