Dining Room Table And Chairs (FH 5040)

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Table Dimensions

Height: 30 in
Width: 36 in
Length: 84 in

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Dining Room Table And Chairs Modern Style For Enlightening Your Dining Area

If you consider your home as an art gallery then this is the perfect modern style dining room table and chairs that you can place in your home. Furniturehub allows the buyers to choose an exclusive design from its inventory so that they last long even after years. Now that the people are constructing a separate dining area in the houses, the trend of placing dining tables is becoming popular.

Moving further with this trend, we have established a whole list of exclusive designs that you can order for the dining area. For instance, this beautiful article has its own limelight that you can’t refuse to put at your home. Moreover, the harmony of colors, texture, and patterns on the dining table are subtle features that will urge you to buy this article.

Other than that, we give freedom in choosing colors and get customized features. Almost six chairs are available in this set that you can place but can be increased further as per your own requirement. Additionally, we have used solid wood in making its underneath structure and legs that are upholding the top firmly. Also, we have given high gloss finishing on the top and used the imported fabric.

The dining room table and chairs contain almost 10 years of warranty. This is the piece of art that you will not regret putting at your home and will make moments with it. In other words, this is the perfect suitable choice for your home. On which you can share your family gathering moments. Also, can enjoy the memorable moments on this artistic yet modern style table.


  • Solid Dining table with 6 Chairs
  • Pure Solid Wood
  • Solid Wooden Feet
  • 10 Years warranty of wooden Insects
  • Pure High Gloss Finish
  • Available in different Sizes
  • Fabric, Color, and Chairs quantity can be customized

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