Modern Dining Table (003)

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Fully carved

High Gloss Finish Center table
Solid Wooden Feet
Fully solid
Size can be be customizable on order

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Providing You A Special Dining Experience With Modern Dining Table

Food time is the prime time when you gather with your family and wanted to enjoy food with comfort. Also, you desire to assign a particular spot in your home where all can sit together and cherish the eating time. However, that starts with the comfortable dining table and if you don’t have one then that’s a big concern. No need to worry because this modern dining table will be a real treat for you. Modern furniture always puts a great impression on the home. Thus, we brought you this artistic piece made with solid wood and the surface is embellished with detailed carvings. It seems like the whole surface is painted with the gold led.

Above all, this article has the full capacity to adjust to more than 8 family members. However, if your family is small, then order this article in a customized space according to your family capacity. We have given shiny high gloss finishing to its upper surface. Other than that, your wooden legs made in gold color are making the dining table look more royal and elegant. Somehow we tried to merge the culture of Venice into this piece of furniture.

Above the surface, we have shown the depiction of Chinese art is electrifying the overall look of the modern dining table. Furthermore, due to ample space on the surface, you can place multiple utensils and dishes to serve people. Make dining time the fun time with this adorable yet modern wooden table because it will definitely strike well in the dining area. Also, its basic color will merge with any color walls.


  • Size 6 feet x 4 feet
  • High Gloss Finish Center table
  • Solid Wooden Feet
  • Fully solid
  • Size can be customized on order
  • Fully carved

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