13 Modern Interior Design Hacks To Maximize Storage Space

13 Modern Interior Design Hacks To Maximize Storage Space

Studio apartments in European Countries have always remained my favorite Modern Interior Design. One single room with such extensive functionality always blows away my mind. However, the amusing thing about them is not only functionality but mind-bending storage space.
While in the Eastern side of the world. We often struggle managing space for our never-ending essentials; everything is essential in our view. Whether it’s a leftover cardboard box of unpacked material. Or disposable cups, we never want to dispose of.

Well, let’s not change our bad habits. Rather just switch to something productive. And adopt 13 Modern Interior Design hacks to increase our storage capacity.

So, let’s get the egg hatched!

Modern Design Bedroom Interior Is The Most Senior

Modern Design Bedroom Interior Is The Most Senior

Starting from the bedroom that holds utmost importance in a home. Consider installing multifunctional furniture! The world has evolved far ahead. Let’s not stick to orthodox, hefty beds. But, enhance our interior with modern beds, containing storage capacity. By modern beds, I mean beds having;

Bed with drawers

Yes, Modern Interior Design contains such beds that have drawers incorporated for storage space. They can be slid in and out like any basic drawer. And additionally, can contain tons of stuff. Using these drawers to store beddings, duvets and blankets is my personal favorite.

Are you the one? Who gets scolded for messing up the room? Here’s a hack, make a heap of mess, and sleep over it! Problem solved.

Book-shelves in headboards

I’ve grown up, hiding my toys inside of a hidden storage place inside the headboard of my mother’s bed. I’m sure most of 19’s or 20’s kids have that experience. Reinstating that idea, headboards should be utilized! They may contain an in-built bookshelf, to store your favorite novels and bedtime tales.

Headboard with sliding storage

This is not an alternative to above mentioned bed-storage ideas. In fact, is an add-on. Imagine having storage drawers in bed, in-built bookshelves, and secret sliding storage within its headboard. A tremendously multi-functional bed! This makes me remember the fictional character Oswald that was an octopus.

Anyways, adopting these hacks will free plenty of space. Furthermore, stacked things in hidden storage won’t spoil your voguish interior.

We Care About Our Stairs

We have got our stairs much under-rated. Though they are meant to get us up and down. But, let’s not just remain confined to that functionality. We can make better use of it. Basically, there are two ways:

Modern Designed Stairs with built-in drawers

Everything can have drawers! Why not stairs then? Each of the stairs can contain plenty of your things.

Storage under the stairs

We often have stairs in the house, under which there is a triangular free space that is of no use. How about incorporating a modern design interior? And installing a cabinet in there? And keeping all your shoes, your garage essentials, brooms, and vipers over there. Smart! Isn’t it?

Moving over the next,

Mounting Your Television Is the Modern Vision

While talking about increasing storage capacity, we also need to free up unnecessary occupied space. So, mounting your television on the wall is the very first thing you need to do. TV trolley with piled-up things gets the overall look messier. And the more you have space. The more you have things to place. Therefore, decluttering is an essential hack to manage space.

And additionally, Television mounted on the wall gives your living room a cleaner and more spacious look. Bonus Point!

Ottomans Ottomans Everywhere!

Ottoman is an innovative design for modern interior. It not only enhances the overall look but also gets help in catering to the storage problems. Ottomans can be placed anywhere in your home. You may incorporate it in your living room. Or add it as a bed stool to your bedroom. This enchanting piece of interior spreads royalty wherever it goes. Therefore, I demand “Ottomans Ottomans Everywhere!”

Cabinet Organizer Is The New Pfizer

Now, We are talking about my favorite thing. Though cabinets are already very organized with plenty of compartments. But, still, we are not able to use up all of its space. For optimized performance, You need to install the new update called “Organizers“.

Organizers are a part of modern design available in the market at nominal prices. You may find them in different shapes, sizes, and colors. And mostly, they are foldable. So, you can fold them into a single plane and stack them up without the usage of much space. Or make a DIY Organizer from scratch!

DIY Organizer

Follow these, easy steps to make this Organizer in your home:

  1. Find a leftover cardboard box of unpacked material
  2. Paste a patterned wrapping paper
  3. Paste, Paste, Paste! to all the sides
  4. Let the glue dry
  5. Your Organizer is ready! Voila!

Yes, I know your so-called essential proved itself very essential. Never mind!

Make Way For Dividers

Dividers are a somewhat mandatory part of the home interior for soaring up the storage capacity. Whether they are hanging dividers or bookshelves. They organize your stuff. Moreover, make the overall look clean.

This little thing can prove itself beneficial in a variety of ways. Firstly, hanging dividers can stack up against your shoes in your store. Secondly, separate face and bath towels in the washroom. Additionally, carry your scarves in your cabinet. Furthermore, can contain your hang bags classified by color. Yet, keep each and everything separate. To save you from the hustle, when in hurry. Whereas, bookshelf dividers can help you stack up against your things, instead of just books in one book rack.

Foldable Furniture Are Some Good Creatures

The modern world requires modern furniture for the modern interior. Foldable furniture is multi-functional and requires less space for settlement. This type of furniture is not confined to European studio apartments. But, have made their way throughout the world. There are various furnishing articles that we may find foldable. These include:

  • Tray Table
  • Chairs
  • Bed and Sofa
  • Organizing Racks
  • Desk

Modern Design Interior Bunk Beds As Kid’s Sheds

We already talked about the bedroom interior but forgot about Kid’s Bedroom. Kid’s always needed space to play. And furniture with extensive functionality is of utmost importance to them.

Bunk Beds always inspired me as a Kid. Unfortunately, never got a chance to have one. However, trust me on this. They are your Kid’s greatest desire! Give them a space to play. And an interactive bunk bed. So, they don’t mess up your modern interior running all over in the house.

Oh, wait! Do you have quadruplets? Try Modern Interior quad bunk bed!

Nesting Tables Are The Most Stable

Nesting Tables Are The Most Stable

Space… Yet, in need of more storage space. Tables are a mandatory interior item for a house. And they definitely cover a lot of areas; congesting up the space. Therefore, How about switching sturdy center tables, side tables, and coffee tables by one set of nesting tables? They are sleek, yet serve wide purposes. Only one set can get all of your mess resolved!

Hidden Storage Takes You On A Voyage

Fan of Harry Potter? Well, everyone is! By hidden storage, I don’t mean covering up heaps of your clothes with a magic cloak. But, to get them buried under the floor. No really! I mean that.

A lot of modern design storage space can be made under your floor. And the hidden storage can hide away a lot of your stuff. A trench of treasure perhaps. Don’t forget to mark the location on the map. Or you’d have to play treasure hunt in time of need.

It’s not as unreal, as the treasure you have. It actually is pretty much a handy hack to adopt.

Chester The Harvester

Similar to the Ottomans, Chester plays a great deal adding up the storage capacity. Yet, they are appealing pieces of furniture that can give a contemporary look to your modern interior. And additionally, can help you with storage space.

You can place Chester anywhere! Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Kidding! Not the bathroom of course. But, yes have a very flexible role to fit anywhere.

Let’s Make Settlement With In-Built Cabinet

Let's Make Settlement With In-Built Cabinet

When we are talking about Cabinets, they are a lot of different types of cabinets in our house. Which one should be an in-built one? Umm, Let’s Think! All of them? Yes, you heard me right. Literally, all of them.
First, let’s count how many cabinets do we usually have? Kitchen cabinets, Bedroom cabinets, Living room cabinets, and Miscellaneous Cabinets (because I cannot think of any other, hah!).

So, whether it’s for storing your kitchen utensils and precious cutlery sets, your clothes, bags and shoes, towels and washcloths, belts and hats, brooms and wipers, or your umbrellas and raincoats. Consider all of this stuff incorporated inside of the wall. And only to be seen when needed! That’d be heaven. I know right. Therefore, it’s a YES YES for in-built cabinets.

Keep it in mind when getting your new house unconstructed!

Visual Tricks Are Real Quick

Ok let’s suppose, we have all our thing organized but have a small house. And want to make it look a little more spacious than it actually is. Here are some visual tricks that give the illusion of more space.

Get It All Blanca!

Yes, this is actually true. Painting your walls and ceilings white or off-white can get your place look spacious. No White? Ok then, opting for some soft-toned shade must give the same effect.

Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall..

Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall

Remember that fairy-tale? Is the villain always standing in front of the mirror and addressing it? “Mirror, Mirror..” That tale has a back story. She wanted her wicked, dark small place to appear bright and spacious. She was clever enough to know the power of the mirror. Consequently used to say out loud, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s house is most spacious of them all?” And the mirror never served her. Why? Because there was no light in her room that the mirror could reflect! The villain was clever but not wise at all. Later, they changed the story into a fairytale.

Now, that we know this. Mirror basically reflects all the light in the room and provides an overall brightening effect. Therefore, installing mirrors on walls and switching cupboard doors with sliding mirrors would serve as a great option!

Light Your World Up!

Lights are off when they should be on! If your home doesn’t have direct sunlight exposure, introduce some artificial lights. Add light bulbs to your place. More light gives the illusion of more space.

Hence, for that very reason, Turn on your Lights!


We went through 13 amusing modern interior design hacks to get our storage problem resolved. But, let me tell you one thing! Firstly, we won’t try even one of them. Secondly, no matter how many hacks we try to adopt, or get them into practical use. We will still get short of space. And cry out for more and more space.

Well, no need to worry at all. We all are in this together.

Consider decluttering your essentials. And throwing things out of the house is the only option. That will make a lot of free space! So, Go Ahead! Free up your space.


Which wood material is better for modern design home interior, like bedroom interior and living room sofa set?

The best wood material is Sheesham Wood and Walnut Wood. They have a long lifespan and are reliable.

What is the best way to make your home interior look bigger without changing furniture?

If you don’t want to change your furniture. You can go for the following options:
1. Get your walls painted with light or soft-toned colors. It doesn’t have to be necessarily white. You may go for soft blues and greens.
2. Get more mirrors installed. You can switch the cabinet doors by sliding mirrors. Or have hanging decorations with mirrors in them.

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