Interior Architecture – Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

Interior Architecture – Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 


Bath – room decor design are usually ignored, I wonder why? Interior architecture doesn’t only involve designing your bedroom or living room. It is important to understand that the bathrooms are equally important. They should be maintained and given attention. Creativity and imagination should not end in your rooms only, it should flow in your washrooms too!

2022 is a great beginning of colorful and bold house interior ideas and insights. Washrooms should reflect neatness, minimalism, and self-expression. Today stylistic trends are gaining much popularity. We spend time from the moment we wake up and before sleeping by going to the washroom. So why don’t we maintain and design it beautifully for ourselves? 2022 Trends are changing this and igniting innovation.

From classy shelves, cabinets, and bathtubs we have a lot of room for uncluttered and tidy bathrooms. Are you thinking about where to start? Well, we have selected our favorite washroom interior design ideas for you. Our collection of ideas is trendy, modern, and elegant. Start reading and start crafting!

Zen House Interior Bathroom

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

Zen is a philosophy of Buddhism that asks you to practice stillness, connect with nature, and slow things down. This originated in China and it was known as Chan school. This idea grew during the Tang dynasty. In 2022 Zen interior designing is what we truly need. In today’s busy schedule, your home should reflect calmness. If you clutter it and design with the complexity it will take away the comfort and warmth a home should have.

Zen Bathrooms,

Zen bathrooms are pleasing and a sanctuary of peace. Let us guide you with some ideas to create one!

  • Firstly, you can buy and stock soft towels and bring in the textile. You can either buy only white, or you can buy a combination of brown and white. This will give an earthly vibe.
  • Secondly, it is better if you position and place the bathtub under the window. Because of this, you can get maximum exposure to sunlight. Sun rays with water create a dreamy atmosphere for you to rest.
  • Thirdly, a great idea to create a romantic aesthetic is to add candles. You can get scented candles. Burn it and let it help you soften you with the aromatherapy.
  • Fourthly, you should try to find products with neutral shade finishing. If you have colorful bottles, you can transfer them (for example shampoo) in brown shaded containers.
  • Lastly, it is a great idea to get floor rugs. You can place it in the bathroom near the sink.

Add Plants

For an original zen vibe, you should add natural décor. It is the spiritual connection with nature that is highlighted in this philosophy. Therefore, buy some plants and place them in your bathroom. Do not fill it with excess as you have to keep the bathroom spacious for the best effect.


The first and foremost important step is to create space. Things should flow, including the design. Firstly, you need to take out extra accessories or cabinets. After decluttering everything starts planning out.

The Artwork

Woody and Earth – style is preferred for a zen house interior, so you can use the same one in bathrooms.

Zen colours

Zen colors fall in the range of neutral and earthly colors. This invites simplicity and tidiness. To symbolize the concept of zen you can opt for shades of white or colors like brown and beige. You can play with these shades that bring light, makes the room look spacious giving a soothing effect.

  • daisy
  • ivory
  • powder
  • porcelain

Zen bathrooms are a great place to turn our normal personal hygiene into meditation. Nowadays, interior designers have increasingly shown interest in this idea. The architecture and interior design of a bathroom focuses on bringing balance and harmony. This is possible due to the calming design ideas and a minimalist approach. Moreover, it should let positive energy flow. In short, the zen themed bathrooms should invite positive energy and release the negative.

If your soul is leaning towards this vibe then go for it!

All White Scheme Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

All white scheme is a great concept in Interior architecture. You can paint everything in white shade, not only that but you can buy furniture and accessories that are white. In the case of an all-white scheme bathroom, you can have white cabinets, tub, shower, floor, and ceiling. Only white might not bring out elegance. Therefore, it is better if you add black as a contrast. You can have black borders and a clear lining in design. Consequently, this will create an attractive house interior look with proper symmetry.

In addition to this, the white theme will bring out a relaxing atmosphere. The absence of bold colors can help design spacious bathrooms. Also, white symbolizes positivity, order, and simplicity.


However, if not planned out your white theme might come out as bland and colorless. It might make you feel strange. To avoid that, we recommend you plan out everything. Find the perfect furniture and stick with the shape. For example, if you decide to buy a round coffee table. Try out paintings or other things of décor that are rounded in their shape.

White flower pots

Moreover, you can add white flower pots in All white bathrooms. This will add a mixed element of colorful nature and spotlessness of white.

Spa-Like Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

The spa is a location where mineral-rich streams and lakes are used for refreshing baths. Not only that, it has medicinal benefits too. However, today spa is any place where are pampered. It is a stress reliever in form of different types of massages. Including, manicures and pedicures spa is an amazing spot for self-care. In light of their origins and uses spa themed bathrooms are now in trend! They have tried to bring out the soothing effect of spas inside their homes with interior architecture. You can imitate this too, just let your imagination flow like the spa springs. 


You might have visited spa once. If you try to recall, it must have been an experience of joy and pleasure. However, we all know going to a spa regularly might be out of budget. In addition to this, it might be time consuming as well. Hence, is it not a good idea to bring that feeling home once and for all?

How to?

You can add small detailed decor that creates a spa – like atmosphere. You can practice self care routine and take some time out to relax. For that you can try the following things:

  • Declutter your bathroom thoroughly.
  • Buy plush bath towels, preferably white.
  • You can get a new showerhead and replace it.
  • Try experimenting with colors in soft tones to create a calming vibe.
  • You can soften the floors with good quality rugs.
  • You can incorporate calming scents of lavender and jasmine.

Modern Geometric Tiles

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

The bathroom is an integral part of the house interior. if you want to give a modern and sophisticated look of 2022 you should try out modern tiles. Today geometric tiles are rising with their market value. Reason? Well, geometric patterns create a stylish look that is appealing to all your senses. Geometric style invites symmetry that can make the room appear spacious and simple. Not only that, geometric styles are designed with fascinating shapes that can add that spark! 


You can get modern tiles with rectangular and triangular shapes. In addition to this, hexagonal, square shaped and polygonal are also in trend today!

House interior Colours,

You can either go for monochromatic tiles. For geometric designs designers usually get dichromatic tiles. If you want to give off a minimalistic vibe go with Dichromatic. However, if you want your wash – room decor design to be colourful and bold, be confident with different tiles.

  • Black and white geometric tiles are common as it creates a calming yet charismatic look.
  • White and orange reflects optimism.
  • Grey and Copper portrays class and status.
  • White and Blue gives off royalty and charm.
  • Emerald Hue and White is a deep shade of magic and nature.
  • Orange, white and grey will bring cheerful mood.


You can either use tiles on the floor or ceiling of the bathroom. Or you can just focus on the floors. So it is best if you plan out the interior architecture and have a blueprint of the design in your mind.

House Interior Accessories & Toiletries.

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

Upgrading your washroom is not only about the walls and the ceiling. Washroom accessories and toiletries are a great factor in the overall look of the interior architecture of the bathroom. It is important to note that you can get the accessories in every price range. Thus, buying better things is not expensive for everyone. You can find a great range of products that are budget-friendly or a part of a high brand. 

Let’s go shopping!

Create a checklist of your bathroom essentials. You can use this list below to find the right product and accessories for the bath room decor design make over.

  1. Toilet Paper Holder. 
  1. Mirror. 
  1.  Towel Rails. 
  1. Disinfecting Surface Cleaner. 
  1. Auto Hand Soap Dispenser. 
  1. Bathroom Organizer. 
  1. Soap Dish. 
  1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Hook. 
  1. Toothbrush Holder. 
  1. Multipurpose Wall Rack. 
  1. Waterproof Bathroom Slipper Black. 
  1. Storage Cabinet. 

Add the final touch in the bathroom and voila!

Install New Showerhead.

Interior Architecture - Design Your Dream Bathroom With Us! 

Occasionally, people tend to forget about changing the showerheads. As long as they aren’t completely covered in rust no one thinks about changing it. Therefore, if you plan on upgrading the interior architecture of your washroom it is important to keep an eye on the showerheads.


Showerheads are usually of an alloy. Particularly Brass. Brass is a great material as it is highly durable. As well as corrosion resistant that rarely requires replacement.


There are different types of showerheads. Notice how various showerheads complement with various bath – room decor design. Choose the one which makes your experience of shower nice. Hence, we collected some of the best designs of a showerhead.

  • Handheld
  • Fixed showerheads
  • Low flow showerheads to save water

How to install?

A great functional bathroom is a part of your house interior. We created a small guide for you to follow in case you are planning to change the showerhead while redesigning the look.

  1. Firstly, Remove the old showerhead
  2. Take the shower arm and clean it in detail.
  3. To ensure tightness you can wrap the shower head tape on the end of the shower arm.
  4. Then fit the new showerhead.
  5. Finally, you should check the flow and inspect for any kind of leaks.


In conclusion, take some time out to maintain your bath – room decor design. Use your creativity and let the interior architecture of your washroom be a symbol of self-expression. Experiment with different house interior designs and enjoy the process of designing. Be Bold and Be Confident!


The best room decor design services in Pakistan?

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How to make your house interior cozy?

You should get light shaded curtains for maximum sunlight, design large windows and add soft cushions and rugs in your house interior.

Is interior architecture budget friendly interest?

It is a budget friendly depending on how you improvise and think creatively.

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