Hanging Full Length Mirror (FH-1717)

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Hanging Full-Length Mirror For Making Your Home Walls Stylish

People always find places that exhibit products that are the true reflection of your home. Furniturehub is one of the home interior experts who design equipment that stylize your home. Therefore, let’s introduce you to this classic piece of art with the hand-painted embossed led on the boundaries. It hangs horizontally and is a great piece for your entryways, bathrooms, or living room. This hanging full length mirror is a great option to brighten up your dull walls. With a rectangular frame and customization in size, it is ideal for any decor.

Mirrors on walls are an exclusive choice when you especially think of decorating your entryways. Moreover, it serves more than one purpose; one is for decoration and the other reason is that you can check yourself while leaving home. With this option, you can actually think of making your home into what you want. Also, it could be a source to hide the imperfections of the room or your entryways. The colorful sides will attract the human eye and a person will get gasp into its hand-painted beauty.

Furniturehub always intends to bring classic ideas that blend with the past and present to add contemporary style to your home. So, this is the dream furniture option that can brighten up the living space. Other than that, it is the perfect example to maintain the statement of your home. Moreover, the rectangular shape is the broad shape that you can utilize to make your walls brighter by placing it somewhere near the area where the sun reflects its rays. Through this, your room will become more elegant and it will also help you to cut down the energy cost.


  • Crown Design
  • Beautiful Shape
  • High gloss Finish
  • 3-4 working weeks’ time for an order

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