How to Buy A Wall Mirror Like an Expert?

How to Buy A Wall Mirror Like an Expert

A wall mirror is an important piece of décor for any home. Very few things are of as much decorative significance as wall mirrors. Apart from their functional use, wall mirrors bring style to the place and make smaller spaces look larger because of their light reflecting ability. If you are thinking about shopping from furniture market in Lahore and wall mirrors are on top of your priority list, there are few challenges that you may face such as choosing the right size, shape, and style for your décor. However, you can make the process a lot easier for yourself by following these tips carefully.

Consider the Purpose

When thinking of buying a mirror, ask yourself, why do I need this? Will I be using it for decorative purpose, to make the place look roomier, or just for checking my appearance? The purpose of the mirror defines the type you will get. For instance, if you need it to check your appearance, then a full-length mirror will be the better choice. But if your main purpose is to decorate the place, then a wall mirror will be the more appropriate option.

Pick the Right Size

As mentioned above, the size of a mirror depends on its intended function. If you want the mirror to act as a showpiece, then buy one that is large enough to stand out in your place. Remember that the larger a mirror, the more reflection of light, and hence bigger the illusion of space.

However, if you only want the mirror for decorative purpose, then even a smaller one can do the job without overpowering your place.

Pick the Right Shape

Wall mirrors come in many shapes. Round, square, oval, rectangular are some of the most common shapes chosen by homeowners. When buying a wall mirror, think about the mood of the room and the role the mirror will play in it. If you want to bring home a lavish feel, then go with horizontal mirrors that create an illusion of length or add vertical mirrors for extra height. Similarly, rectangular and square mirrors bring home a traditional feel while round mirrors create a soft vibe. For a glamorous touch, try adding diamonds, stars, sunbursts or other geometrical shapes.

Pick the Right Style

The mirror frame is what sets the style. Framed mirrors are typically used as showpieces, while the frameless ones to add subtle elegance to the ambiance of the room.

Framing materials are another factor which plays a key role in defining the style; wooden frames are used to create a rustic appeal, gilt finish for a luxurious touch, glass for a modern vibe, while metal frames for an industrial look.

The location of the mirror defines its choice of frame. For example, if the mirror is intended to be used in a bathroom, then choose a water-resistant frame such as metal. While the wooden frames will best last in places that are least humid.

Pick the Color

If you opt for a framed mirror, then you will also need to decide on the color of the frame. Unless you choose to customize the frame, your color choices will be unlimited. You can choose a mono-colored frame in standard gold, silver, black, red, etc. or you can be a little creative and go with a multicolored frame – painted to match the theme of your room.

When it comes to color choices, you will always be in full control of the spectrum.

Flat Edge or Beveled Glass

Another important consideration for you to make when buying a mirror! The best furniture stores offer their customers the freedom to choose between the flat edge and beveled glass wall mirrors.

some homeowners prefer beveled glass as they are more elegant while some go with flat edges because of their clean look. At the end of the day, it all depends on your personal taste and no outside factor should have an influence on it. So, take some time to compare the two to make a better decision.

Decide Where You Will Hang It

The hanging spot of a mirror depends greatly on its size. While a large mirror will work best if centered on a large sofa or anchored to a mental top, a small mirror will look lost on an expensive wall, particularly if there are no other items to make it more prominent.

Regardless of the size and positioning, mirrors should always be kept/hung in a way that aptly reflects light. Buy experimenting with different angles and light sources, you can find the best spot for the mirror in your living space.

Pick Cost Effective but Reliable Quality Mirrors

Garage sales sites are the best place to find quality mirrors for those on budget. On these sites, you will definitely find different mirrors along with other furniture Lahore at affordable prices with uncompromised quality. The mirrors form these sites will bring with them the same elegance as the brand-new mirrors with their unique shapes and charming styles.

Useful Tips for Decorating Your Place

Wall mirrors serve many purposes. Mainly, they’re used as a focal point in the living rooms, to complement existing décor, to elevate the look of a place, to add brightness to your space or make it look larger.

Here are some ways to make the most of your wall mirrors:

  • Place two or more mirrors side by side on a large wall.
  • Put a mirror at the dead end of the hallway to make it look larger.
  • Hang a mirror opposite to the window or angle it in a way that it only gets light, not the reflection. Doing this will make the place look brighter.
  • Place a well-sized mirror above the fireplace for a classic touch.

Wall mirrors are a great addition to any décor and can lift the look of your space. Once you see their benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them sooner.

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