Popular Types of Bed Frames and Their Pros and Cons

Popular Types of Bed Frames and Their Pros and Cons

Bed frames are a key part of furniture for any home as they provide a reliable base for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Plus, they allow you to put your own stamp on your bedroom décor because of the wide variety of colors and designs that are available. When buying a bed for sale in Lahore, you will come across many bed frames types – mostly leather, wooden and metal – and each type serves a different purpose.

Since beds are the most important part of a bedroom, the pressure is on when it comes to buying one. Contemporary or modern? Casual or formal? Here are our top suggestions to help you make the right choice.

Platform Frames

Unlike other bed frames, platform frames eliminate the need for a box spring. As a result, they have a small height and are closer to the floor. These beds come in various styles and thus you can easily find a design that fits your bedroom decor. From minimalist to mid-century and contemporary to modern, there are a plethora of platform frames to choose from.

The best thing about these beds is that they are cheaper compared to traditional beds for the reason that they don’t require an additional box spring – cutting down the extra costs.

Besides, platform bed frames are easy to assemble and come with a decent amount of under-bed storage. In some cases, platform beds do not offer the same support as the box springs do. If you are facing a similar issue, try buying a good quality mattress to enjoy a peaceful sleep.


  • They are cost effective because you don’t need to buy a spring box
  • Any type of mattress is a good mattress for platform frames
  • These frames are small, space friendly, and help you reduce clutter


  • Climbing in and out can be awkward due to their low height
  • Since platform frames tend to be firmer, side sleepers find them uncomfortable

Upholstered Frames

An upholstered frame is a bed frame that incorporates faux leather, suede, or any other material besides wood. The headboard of an upholstered frame is typically softer and more comfortable – making it ideal for those who enjoy sitting up and reading books or magazines in bed.

These frames often include button tufting to create a luxurious feel. From a wide variety of styles that are available, you can easily find a design that would look perfect in your house and add a wow-factor to it.


  • The ultra-comfort headboard allows you to watch TV and read in bed with comfort
  • With plenty of designs, colors, and pattern choices available, you can easily find a design that fits perfectly in your bedroom


  • They’re high maintenance and require frequent vacuuming to keep the dust away
  • They’re prone to wear and tear simply because the fabric is less durable than wood or other materials

Metal Frames

Metal bed frames are a popular type of mattress foundation. Their popularity is mainly due to their ability to adapt, adjust, and to last longer than other materials such as wood. Besides, these frames provide sturdy support and weigh low on budget. Today, the modern furniture industry is providing customers with a wide variety of gorgeous options that will fit perfectly in any type of room. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors, allowing you to pick your own with ease.


  • Slick look that goes perfectly with a variety of decors
  • Extra durability which allows them to last longer
  • Relatively cheap


  • Can be creaky and noisy
  • Not as environmentally friendly as other materials

Sleigh Bed Frames

As obvious from the name, sleigh bed looks similar to a sleigh. The hallmark of sleigh beds is their curved headboards and footboards. Sleigh beds are typically made out of wood, but you can find them in upholstered and metal frames as well. The modern sleigh beds have delicate curves that add a luxurious feel to any bedroom. From traditional to contemporary and modern, these frames can be found in a variety of types.


  • Sleigh beds come in a variety of attractive styles so you will have endless options to choose from
  • The charming style of the piece you buy will instantly turn it into the focal point in your bedroom
  • With the raised foot base, you get to keep your feet warmly tucked in and enjoy cozy vibes


  • Due to limited leg room, sleigh beds might not be an ideal choice for taller individuals
  • Sleigh bed frames tend to be heavy and are difficult to move
  • These frames are typically expensive because of their intricate design and construction

Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are famous for the unique charm which makes them ideal for various décor types. Again, these frames are available in multiple colors and styles which means they bring much more to the room than just a piece of furniture.

Wooden frames are typically durable, strong, and boast a gorgeous finish. Apart from that, they are painted in different colors just so you have a wide array of options to choose from.


  • Many types of wood to choose from
  • Require low maintenance
  • Can fit into many decors
  • Range of styles available


  • Cost more than other beds
  • Very heavy, which makes it difficult to move

So, these are some bed frame you may want to choose to reform your bedroom’s look. With attractive designs and quality material, the vast choices enable you to buy bed online that suits your style. Be it a guest room, child’s room or your own room, these bed frames are a surefire way to lift the look of any space.

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